Introduction OF Japanese Calligraphy brushes

Brush making in Kumano began in the 1830s, at the end of the Edo period. The tradition has been maintained for over 190 years now.

The most unique feature of Japanese brushes come from the fact that Chinese characters were shaped into Japanese alphabet.

Calligraphy brushes are popular amongst water color painters around the world for their ability to paint with unparalleled percision.

Applying the skills of Master Brush Making Artisans

Master Brush Making Artisans of Kumano require at least 12 years of experience and a series of selection processes, which include a written test, a portfolio, and a skill test. As if this were not enough, earning master status also requires that one be dedicated to the progression of the culture and tradition of Kumano.

Amongst the 22 Master Artisans in Kumano, three are currently working at Koyudo.